Problems of Working Women in Asia

Poblems of working women in Asia :

Women constitute almost half of the population in any community. Unfortunately, fifty per cent of our human resource is going waste.

Poblems of working women in Asia

Most of our women are illiterate. Very few fortunate women receive proper education and adopt certain Professions. Their participation in this regard is quite negligible. Our absurd social standards debar most of the female students from getting education according to their talent. This is our main problem.
We need women's involvement in all walks of life. Developed nations have women in the armed and police forces. They are holding equal seats in general administration, industry, business and other technical profession. We have also to mobilize our women to hold the same posts in our country as well. For this purpose, we have to give them adequate education, training and confidence. The problem is that our conservative society poses hindrance.

In spite of numerous problems, women are receiving education in almost all the disciplines. The painful thing is that all such qualified women do not take up professions in practical. The drop out ratio of such women is more than flityper cent. As such, the overall ratio of women's professions becomes negligible.

Poblems of working women in Asia:

Another problem for the working women is that .there are only few fields where they feel comfortable. This also restricts their spheres. Women of our country generally adopt the professions of teaching and medical science. They feel comfortable in these fields and their domesticresponsibilities do not get disturbed. it is a pity to see the participation of half of our population to only a few fields.
Awareness programmes should be launched by the government to attract more women to other fields. At the same time, our government should provide necessary facilities and protection to the women working in various fields. This will encourage them to join all the professions and utilize their potentials for the progress of the country.
When we use the tern "working women", we generally mean the educated women executing office work. We generally exclude the illiterate women involved in dinerent types of jobs. They are in fact, also contnbutrng to the revenue of their families. By any deflation, they are also the working women. Their problems are of mom serious nature and they need more sympathetic and well-panned handling. They are always low-paid and are brutally explited by our society.
Such women provide an enormous workforce both in towns and villages. Their services are highly producove but their wages are so low that they cannot meet their basic requrrements. This exploitation must be checked immediately. There must be adopted some effective system to regulate their services. Their job security should be ascertained. Their self-esteem should be honoured. They should be given confidence so that they may be able to deliver their share to the national income.
Channelling  women's labour through national and international business enterprises is the need of the hour. it is useful for the iabourer's family as well as for the whole country. A special format of employment should be introduced on the Western models. Fixed timings should be observed so that such women should pay proper attention to their homes. There should be community centres at the places of work where the programmes of adult education should also be launched.
The uplift of our working women is a serious issue. Due consideration must be given to all the working Women whether they are well-educated or illiterate. Each of them is contributing her share to the nation's economy. Therefore, each of them has the right to get the necessary protection from the government.
Poblems of working women in Asia.

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