Lost wife of 4 years and her cat within the last two months. Both due to cancer. Feeling pretty lost.

The Story of Wuahninja

I'm (Wuahninja) a 32 year old male and I've lost both my wife and her cat to cancer. My wife passed on June 6th of this year, and I found out yesterday that one of our cats also has cancer and was euthanized.

My Wife
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Her Kitty
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My wife was a super caring person who was loved by all she knew. She was a two time ovarian cancer survivor but was diagnosed with yet another which ultimately claimed her life. Her decline was incredibly traumatic and I'm still very much recovering from the loss. She was my everything. We fought through two miserable rounds of chemotherapy and multiple rounds of radiation, but the cancers were incredibly aggressive and within a whirlwind of a couple weeks, she was gone.
We had three cats; two were hers and the third we adopted on our second wedding anniversary. One of her cats has had health issues for a while. Soon after her death, the cat's symptoms became more severe and she stopped eating solid food. She had no energy, her attitude changed and she slept 24/7. I soon realized that she was declining in an identical manner as my wife did. The vet called me with the prognosis and after watching the decline of my wife, I decided it was best to let her cat be with her and to do so before she got much worse.
I've lost two family members in two months to cancer. I'm so incredibly lost. Everything is in slow motion again. I've gone through the grieving motions and I'm told I'm grieving well, yet those words just feel empty. I'm talking to friends, I'm going out when I can, I've talked to a counselor, I've cried every night, etc. I can't say I'm eating well and I'm not running as of late, but at least I'm going through the motions, right? /sigh
I've also gotten a lot of solace on Reddit so I thought I'd actually post something for once. It's amazing to see how much cancer impacts other people. My ignorance left me to undervalue the impact of cancer until my eyes were opened abruptly by this experience.

I guess I just wanted to share the story as there isn't much else to really do now. Good luck to everyone in their own bouts with cancer. Make sure to appreciate the time you get with others as it's absolutely incredible how quickly that time can vanish on you.

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  1. she is in my prayer. being a cancer survivor i know family has it the worst because you guys feel like there is nothing you can do to help us. please know you did everything and gave her the best finals days of her life