Misuse of MeToo took another innocent life. This time a College Lecturer

The misuse of #MeToo is a problem. It's taking lives. But we're not ready to talk about it. Today, the misuse of #MeToo took another innocent life. The incident took place at a college in Pakistan. 
Mr Afzal, English Lecturer at Govt MAO College Lahore has committed suicide after false harassment allegations. Because his wife left him and his reputation tarnished.

He Wrote a note " I leave this matter in the court of Allah (God). The police are requested not to investigate and bother anybody"

He was proven innocent by Enquiry Officer but his wife left him anyway. He also wrote a note to Miss Dr Aalia Rehman Enquiry officer before suicide. 

He wrote

Professor Dr Aalia Rehman 
Enquiry Officer, Harassment Case against NIuhanunad Afial, Lecturer in English, Govt. M.A.O College Lahore. 

You are my Colleague and friend first and enquiry officer later. You told me that I have been cleared of the harassment allegations but I am still under extreme stress as the news of the case is known by the whole college and until the administration gives me in writing that the allegations were baseless, I will always be considered a person with bad moral character. I get hints from different sources that any day the same enquiry will be restarted. I have no proof that I am innocent. I beg you to please re-open the enquiry and ask the administration to rusticate Roll # 18444, BS Mass Com on the basis of putting false allegations against a professor. This is the only way to clear me from harassment allegation. It will also help other professors from getting similar allegations when they are strict with students and give marks according to performance and not due to pressure. My fault was also this only. 
My family life is disturbed by the allegation and my wife has left me today accusing me of being immoral.I have now nothing in my life to look forward to. I am an immoral person at college and at home. I feel pain in my heart and brain all the time. If and when I die, I request you as a friend to take care that my salary goes to my mother and she is given a good character certificate in my name from the college Principal. 
I beg you again to get my name and reputation at college cleared as you are a senior Professor and can influence our college adrninistration for this. 

Thanking you
Yours sincerely 
Muhammad Afzal 
Lecturer in English Govt. M.A.O College Lahore 

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