Hamari Kahani Episode 9 full Urdu REVIEW

Hamari Kahani is a famous turkish drama whish is now on air at Urdu 1 official channel in urdu language. Here we will discuss abot HAMARI KAHANI EPISODE 9 and its promo.

Hamari Kahani Episode 9 Promo

Before talking about Hamari Kahani episode 9 we are providing you a little promo video. so lets watch it.

So how was the video. yea i know its amazing. And after watching promo video you are waiting to watch the full episode of Hamari Kahani.

Before full episode lets take a little look around the story.

Hamari Kahani Story Review

Our Story:
It is an adaptation of a famous series of shameless series. Faya, the eldest child of a family struggling to survive in a poor city neighborhood. Ever since his mother left him, he took care of his five younger siblings. His father is addicted to alcohol and is wasting his life by drinking alcohol and earning money in simple and deceptive ways, which is nothing but trouble for the family.
One day a mysterious young man enters her life and tries her best to win. He soon becomes part of the family. However, Faiza believes that love has no place in her life that is causing her difficulties. She tries to ignore his feelings and the six siblings try to keep each other happy and live their lives.

Hamari Kahani  Episode 9

Hamari Kahani Episode 9 full 

What are you trying to do? I wanted to apologize. And the apology note is inside it already. I know you don't want to talk. I thought maybe you would read the note. Filiz whatever I did, it was for the sake of you and your brothers. Don't. Don't do anything for us. The only good you can do to us is staying away. But I don't understand, why? Why? This is our reality., We don't have any money, our dad is a drunk. Life is hard here. And this is the story of hamari kahani episode 9.  But we were born with this, we are used to it. You can't just appear and change everything with your magic wand.. My brother, my father. This is my family. This is our story. You aren't in this story.

so after reading the review what you want to say about  HAMARI KAHANI EPISODE 9.

If you have not already watched the previous episode you can watch here Hamari Kahani | Episode 08 | Turkish Drama | Hazal Kaya | Urdu1 TV | 19 November 2019


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