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Hamari Kahani is a Turkish Drama which is the copy of famous English Drama "Shame less". The Turkish name of Hamari Kahani is Bizme Hikaye. This season is not only famous in turkey but also it is breaking records in Pakistan and India. The reason of the fame of this drama is the leading male acter "Burak". He previously worked in Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan and people loved it. So now he is in Hamari Kahani and people loving it.

Hamari Kahani or Our Story

  Some people are confuse about Hamari Kahani and Our Story. And thats why there are many questions in the public. Is Hamari Kahani and Our Story is same?. Is hamari Kahani best to watch or Our story?
Which one is real dubbed copy of Bizme Hikay?
So here I am going to give a very simple and one answer for all those questions. " Bizme Hikaye is Turkish Drama.  Two years ago India dubbed in hindi and named it our story. And Now Pakistani TV channel Called Urdu 1 dubbed it in urdu and named it Hamari Kahani." So you all know urdu and hindi languages are same with few words different. But a urdu speaking can understand Hindi and Jindi speaking can under stand Urdu easily. So its same if you watch Hamari Kahani or You watch Our Story.

Our Story or Hamari Kahani (Indian version)

Indian version of Bizme Hikaye which is called our story is dubbed two years ago and it is availabe on MX player with all Episodes. But it is available only for indian viewers. Because MX player made it to playable only in india. So indians can watch full season of Our story or Hamari Kahani on MX player.

So now the question is how the viewers outside of india can watch? 
If you are from out of the india and want to watch the full season of Hamari Kahani you just need to download a VPN. 

After downloading VPN just select Indian proxy and you are done. Now go to google type "MX player Our story" or open mxplayer.in and search there for "our story" and watch all episodes.

Hamari Kahani on Youtube

Urdu 1 is official channel which is uploading this drama Episode by Episode on youtube and till now they have posted 10 Episodes of Hamari Kahani.
The best thing of Pakistani dubbing is in Pakistani Dubbing the voice of girl actress is played by same girl which dubbed the voice of "Hayat" in famous drama " Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan". The voice in indian dubbing is not same as the voice of Hayat. And manny people said that it is amazing to watch it with Hayat's voice.
Urdu 1 official uploads 3 eppisodes a week which is best because its enough to watch three episodes of a drama in a week.



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  1. When we will get to watch the season 2 episodes in mx player...i have watched all 107 episodes..plz..let me know

  2. I am eargerly waiting and a big fan of burak deniz