Amazon drops huge 81% discount on Sengled smart bulb with built-in JBL speaker

Setting the mood in any room using an iOS or Android device is easy with any smart light bulb. But the Sengled Pulse LED smart bulb with JBL Bluetooth speaker helps improve the ambiance with music. Control your light and your music with its built-in Bluetooth speaker straight from your phone.

From their usual price of $100, all three colors of the Sengled Pulse starter kit get massive price cuts on Amazon.


The Sengled Pulse starter kit comes with one master bulb and one satellite bulb, both with an integrated 13-watt JBL loudspeaker. You can use them as a left-right stereo pair or link up to seven satellite speaker bulbs to one master bulb to enjoy whole-home music. Adjust the audio channel of each bulb through the app for customized sound in your living spaces.

You also get full control of the light with Sengled Pulse. Use the app to make adjustments on the fly, depending on what the mood calls for. Whether it is calming low-light or an ambiance that’s energetic and bright, you have the freedom to present any space the way you want to. Also, these fully dimmable bulbs are built with LEDs that use 80% less energy than more traditional light bulbs.

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